“Patience son, patience! Let the fish find a way and in a meantime get ready”


When I was younger we used to go fishing with my dad every summer holiday. Just once a year nothing big, just fun. Frankly speaking I do not enjoy fishing at all but at those days it was kind of fun,… BUT! … just for the first five minutes. After that I got bored so I did plenty of other things to distract myself during the time I was waiting and my dad always looked at me and with a calm voice said: “patience son, patience! let the fish find a way and in a meantime get ready”. Of course when you are a little kid you do not pay attention to what the elders got to say and kinda doing it your own way. And then what happens when the fish finally arrived??? I wasn’t ready,… I was distracted shouting: “WTF, WTF, what am I doing daad, what am I doing?”. Even I do not go fishing anymore I will never forget those few words about the patience and the beautiful parallel it makes to my trading discipline. It took me a hell of a lot of work to get the right focus but I am human and I am doing mistakes. Every time I am distracted not paying attention doing what I shouldn’t do I remember this saying but not yesterday. It cost me -28pips on Tuesday which after you earn +31pips and have to give it all back is not something you would like to see. I was distracted, I got nabbed, I had to pay the price.

So outcome out of Monday and Tuesday is poor +5+3 = +8pips. Fortunately today I was focused and could squeeze out of market several trades generating profit of +47pips. And the trade of the day would in EURUSD morning session. Here it is:


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