Thinking time



Last night in London is here and I had a bit of time to sit down and think. A window in a mid floor was very helpful :). I have not invented a new master plan for the universe, just a few guidelines and principles. Here they are:

– when you decide for a new goal or routine, start slowly (for example you want to start drinking coffee without sugar – slowly add less and less sugar over the long period of time until you are not using sugar at all)

– when you run into a problem, spent a bit more time with solution design rather than just jumping straight away to conclusion

– Be super-truthful and super-honest. Your goal is to be hyper-realistic. That doesn’t mean you cant be ambitious and set high expectations. You just have to honestly answer yourself what are the steps neccessary for achieving your goals. Ask yourself: why? & is it true?

– do not start your day by opening your mailbox. Write down three important tasks (not urgent) and have a list of things you shouldnt do next to it. Check that few times a day and compare it to what you are doing at that moment. Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?.

– focus & distraction are both important. They are Jing & Jang. The ratio of course should be different. If it is 15min F vs 2min D. Or 25 vs 5. You have to decide what suits you best.

– do daily, weekly, etc review. It should be quick (max 15min) and always compared to the master plan and big picture.

– sleep well, eat well, sport, relax, think, meditate, give & share with your closest one.

Of course there is more of it but I am getting hungry :). Dinner time 🙂

PS: And what are your findings?

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