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3.1.2013 – live trading

Yesterday I have executed two trades. One in EURUSD and one in USDCHF. First one happened to be in EURUSD during LONDON session. Market refused to go any higher than 3168 and moved quickly south. Once it got below 3150’s I was looking for an opportunity to short the EURUSD at least to previous swing low at 3133. EURUSD has offered a very nice ACU around 3144 and so with as little as 5pips STOP LOSS I went short. Very quick trade reaching my profit target in a matter of two minutes pocketing +2.2R.

Second trade in USDCHF wasn’t profitable but very well executed. It was a 123ACU play. Once it broke down it didn’t find any momentum and quickly moved back above the breaking level. This is usually a sign of weakness. And as the saying goes, I cut my losses very quickly. I have waited for a pullback towards my entry level and exited with a -0.4R loss.

Trades: 2
Return: +1.8R
Pairs traded: EURUSD, USDCHF


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