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Barry has created yet another list of rules for investing. Here are the ones I like the most:

Go passive. Here is a dirty little secret: Stock-picking is wildly overrated. Your solution is index ETFs, vastly preferable to picking individual stocks.
Be mindful of valuation. When equity prices are high, your returns will be lower. When they are cheap, your returns will be higher.
Dollar cost averaging. When stocks are high, the fixed dollar amount means you buy fewer shares; when they are less low, you end up buying more.
Review your portfolio regularly. Throughout the collapse, I heard tales of investors who refused to so much as open their monthly account statements for three years. They missed a lot of opportunities by putting their head in the sand.

Follow ETF's, count the returns in R's, re-balance your portfolio regularly, use a dollar cost averaging for that, diversify, stay away from hyped IPO's


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