Trading thought process

My strategy
This is the trading thought process I am using before each entry
Preparation part:

  • is this a playbook entry?
  • is this play supported by big picture? is it in line with big picture trend?
  • is it momo or swing trade?


  • is the RR > 2? is the risk worthwhile my time?
  • are there any strong obstacles on the way to 2R?
  • what is playing against me? what is playing in my favour?


  • where are you going to adjust your SL (fade/break type)?
  • under what circumstances are you going to exit the trade manually?

In case I got through all the checks here are last questions:

  • do you really believe you can make money playing setups like this one in a long term?
  • in case of the worst case scenario, will you be ashamed for this trade?

More on the self-awarness part later.




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