8.5.2013 – intraday trades [+2.1R]


Trades: 2
Return: +2,1R (+2.35R {fullsize} -1R {1/4 size})
Pairs traded: EURUSD, USDCHF
Well played. Many opportunities, but without last call signals. First trade was in EURUSD as a break and hold trade. The level wasn’t perfect, so light size 1/4 LONG. Out na full 1R after PA couldnt create momentum towards previous high.
Second trade in USDCHF was a MICRO based on MACRO trade with FULL SIZE. It created a perfect PA (with last leg towards entry it his strongly the ENTRY level, did a minimum retrace {ACU} and then broken strongly. Could have moved TP further because PA was clear and heavy. Thats the lesson for today.

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