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Results of 3-9.2.2014

Last week I have realized 18 trades in 9 currency pairs.

Out of that 18t trades, I have mentioned some here. On Friday I have initiated a trade which is worth mentioning. It ended up as $0 profit but just because of my stupidity. I did not manage to close part of the position so all of unrealized (+5R profits) ended up at break even. Well, next time. Here is the complete story of this trade:


Speaking of last week, it was one of the worst weeks in terms of directional price swing I have seen in couple of months. I am writing this on Monday evening, 10.2.2014 and I have to confirm.  Even this day was like winter without snow or maybe Hugh Hefner swingers house party without whores and cocaine. During this time, it is better to slow down, highlight just the best zones and take it easy.

Have a great trading week.




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