Results of 17-21.3.2014


Here are the stats:

Winning percentage 63,6%
Total number of trades 22
OGT index 76,8%
Return -2,75R

As you can see, the week ended up negatively after a great results from last week. My point is this. If I can generate on a good week a result of an average 10R and on a bad week a max -3R and maintain higher than 50% winning average, I can reasonably look at about 10 – 14R by the end of each month. So far the results suggest that.

Here are some of the trades from last week.

AX: this was a confluence trade where the ascending trendlie and the previous resistance became support. By the tick it touched the exact spot and moved back up. I wanted to get in so much, that I have entered at let’s say not a reasonable level. I was lucky and since the momentum was bullish the trade moved to 1R where I have moved my SL to BE. After that the PA was moving in a channel so my SL was hit. By the end of the day, the DAX finished by my target, I have not a single regret for being stopped out since I was not suppose to be in the trade (at the entry price where I entered) at all.

URJPY: entering into a range although there is a support and drive is a risky business. Well, I have risked that. The market moved a bit but then retraced back. This was a clear signal to get out. I wanted to left it a little room, so I have moved my SL at around -0.3R nad not to BE. Well, this time it went straight up and I have ended at -0.3R loss.

URUSD: very nice triangle forming with big picture context supporting the direction. After the break the market moved back and hit my sl at BE. Then it has made three lower lows and retraced even higher. All in all, goot ENTRY PLAY and CONTEXT PLAY.

20140320-eurusd-triangle-realEURUSD: very similar pattern, although here I like the velocity towards the pattern and the breakout. It has reached 2R and turned around. If I would not be stopped out at first retrace, I would be by the second. Good trade. Again, BE

ZDUSD: on some positive note, here is the TRIANGLE pattern, which worked well after the breakout. The result is a +0.5R. so nothing great, but during a less volatile week, you have to protect your gains aggresively. I did and this is the result.


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