How I kicked ass in EURUSD thanks to thanksgiving fractal


Ok, I know. That title is not very humbling, but when you feel like you have traded your best, you simply cannot resist :). Anyway, lets get to it.

On 25.11.2014 I have tweeted about this thanksgiving fractal I was seeing in #EURUSD.



As you can see, I have laid down a map for 26.11.2014 by four vector symbols (two circles, red and green, rectangle and edged rectangle). I connected the symbols by green lines. This was my map for the day. The map was defined by repeating fractals of the week and last years thanksgiving week. The idea was to get long at asian lows (green circle), exit above  asian highs (red rectangle). And reshort it there for asian lows again.

And here is the result of my trading:


Did I got bit lucky? Absolutely! This moved very quickly, quicker then I have expected. But the importance of map/bias or a hypo if you wish is key for your success. If I would not do my homework yesterday, I would be chasing patterns and not a bigger picture. Looking ahead, to be the fractal complete, we are heading ideally towards 2444 and there I ll look to get long for final flush above 2500. Let’s see …

Have a great trading week

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