New habbits and resources with positive impact to my personal wellbeing

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So recently I have been talking to several people about how my life has been impacted by some routines that I m taking and that are improving my life. Since I want this post to be as helpful as possible, I would like to summarize in a nutshell what has had a highest impacts in last year or so. Here we go 🙂

Routines and ideas

define your core values and your core statement

  • my core statement is this: “You can be better tomorrow then you are today”. Better person, better sportsman, better parent. You chose. The main point is to improve.
  • my core values are: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental and Materialistic. How do you feel in each domain will effect your overall wellbeing.
  • define a list of things, that can take you out of your comfort zone where you can learn and do them at least once a week

generating 10 ideas a day

  • yes, 10 ideas a day! It is a great way how to constantly keep your mind active, busy, focused on something new. Play with that, have some “ideas sex”. I took this term and overall idea from James Altucher. Great guy.

appreciate every day what you did, celebrate success

  • have little celebrations, write them down on a piece of paper and put them in a Jar (thx Tim Ferris for great advice)
  • appreciate things you are grateful for (write them down), if not daily, do it at least weekly

physical practice

  • find enough stimulus to stay active, every day. Even if it should be a run into stars so your heart starts to get pumping a little, do it. Every day

physical stretching and positive affirmation in a morning / meditation

  • simply awesome and great feeling

read, listen, watch

  • everyday I try to read something. A book, an interesting article. Everday I try to listen to a podcast while commuting or watch some interesting talk/interview. From biology, mathematics to building muscle. Learn something new everyday.


  • in order to build a routine, you need to: start with very small steps, it must be as easy as possible, you should have easy trigger like a sip of lemon water before I start stretching, add little increments, celebrate success
  • I review every week’s progress (every Sunday) to my yearly goals. It is an ultimate ME TIME. Time for feedback and internal discussion. Am I better … Am I happy at … Am I X …
  • everything I read and I find it interesting, I immediately tag into Evernote and review it via a session mentioned in the previous bullet point. By this I have an infinite log of things that make sense to me or are in any way interesting to me
  • I travel and walk a lot every day. The void of walking is filled most of the time by Podcasts from multiple sources from Minimalists, TED Radio Hour, James Altucher, A16Z, GaryVee, Chat with Traders, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferris, etc. This is a great way for me to listen to interesting stuff while limited other possibilities of action (remember, I m walking)


– Evernote
-> tag everything you have learnt, found valuable, review weekly
– Runkeeper
-> tracking my runs throughout the week
– Headspace
-> meditating app

Recent Top resources and articles I m reading:



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