2018 review


It has been a tradition of mine to have a look at the past year and areas I have set systems and goals for. I am strong believer of Systems over Goals. Goals can usually only give clarity on the direction, but their longevity is poor and they do not contribute to long term happiness. Process or System does. Systems build habits for life, and I am here for the long game, not for the short term yoyo effect of goals. Down below I have briefly described what are my systems I want to focus on in 2019.

Approach (2016, 2017,2018)

My approach is simple. Once a week, every Sunday I sit and do retrospective of the past week. The simplified output of the session can be seen on the images below that represent past years – 2016, 2017 and 2018. The red means I did not follow the system, the green means I have followed it well. This image throughout the year simply serves as a friendly reminder of things, where I am going away from my path I have set for myself. It is a reminder, to get back as long as this system still matters to you.




Past Year Review (PYR 2018)

Since there are many conclusions made in 2018, I have simplified them into two categories:

  • what should I do more of (+) in 2019
  • what should I do less of (-) in 2019


more Deep Work time spend in 2019
minimising conversations that has high demand on my energy level and low value for my well being and tranquility
more focus on planning and executing Focus sessions and Deep Work sessions then tasks itself (follow Plan x Show Up x Execute mantra)
don’t think consciously about all things I need to accomplish throughout the day outside of time solely devoted to this exercise (schedule it away approach)
green recharges me massively so I need to spend more time in nature and countryside (be closer to trees, fresh air, rivers and raw wood)
less of negative self-talk in certain situations when: I messed something up, I was not good enough and “I could have would have situations”. I am not my thoughts.
having meaningful conversations that have depth with people who are worth it (philosophy of life)
less expecting and more clearly articulating what do I want from the day, others, myself and why
reading at my favourite places and drafting my notes and ideas into DMA
less random acting at certain activities (trips) and more precise planning for certain activities
waking up early – my 4:45AM wake up time gives me great boost to the day so I should continue with that throughout the whole year
no coffee after 14:00, no heavy steak at 9:30PM 🙂
lonely walks (accompanied with coffee at times) – in 2018 I really enjoyed time spent alone, just wondering around Prague with podcasts/audiobooks, ideas or silence
putting less pressure on the systems fulfilment of daily basis and focusing more on the big picture progression
regular cold water exposure – I love exposure to cold water and it recharges me greatly since I started to do cold showers in 2014. So more cold bath systems in 2019 for longer duration
less of parallelism, more attention to simple activities like making a tea, cleaning the dishes or eating own food with minimum other distractions
heavy weights pumps and clean meal afterwards – I enjoy greatly the pump with steak and feta cheese afterwards or some other clean food
letting less of external sources to breakdown my tranquility by applying reason, judgement and stoics exercises
high intensity walks and other sports with close people of my life
extend meditation from 10minutes to 15minutes and working on mindfulness and stoic practice
problem solving and systems building via daily activities such as programming, games, books, analysis
spend more time with loved ones (mementum mori wake up call)

Based on the above, it is clear that systems around the “+” areas need to be strengthen and systems around “” areas need to be weakened or avoided. My goal is to cherish my 5 accounts in 2019 (Enigma Platform, Investments, Agilities of Mind/Agilities of Body, Relationships, Leadership/Communication/Management) while keeping in mind PYR of 2018. Overall it all boils down into doing things that I love and hard things that I am scared of that will get me regularly outside of my comfort zone while having people I love around me.

Have a great 2019.



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  1. Uf, už jsem myslel, že je po tobě… 🙂 no a pokud to myslíš s meditací vážně, tak se třeba ozvi a/nebo dopiš další díl “Jak netrejdit jako…” krásný 19 přeji.

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