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I am here for the long game

Over the last two years, I have been busy trying to improve. Surprise, surprise :). I have build hopefully solid foundation for machine learning concepts. I have been grinding & learning new trading products such as Options and Stocks. I have been in contact with guys from SMB Capital to learn new styles via their SMB DNA programme. I have been narrowing my FX focus down to just two pairs (EURUSD, USDJPY) and one trading session based on years of stats that I have collected. If you would ask me, I still feel like I am at the beginning :). Like I am standing again in 2007, nearly 11 years ago, when I send my first order to the market. 11 years later I am still the Dumb shit, I have failed so many times but hopefully learned a bit, I am hopefully less naive, more stable and with >+10 000 hours of screen time. I am still trying to become that universal and versatile trader that do not rely anymore on one product, but can trade around the clock whatever is “In Play” and leverage on all the human biases that appear day in and day out in the markets. I am still interested in the risk on assets, where there is blood in the markets and I can take the bath. Be it Bonds, Stocks, Options or FX. My long game now is to take those 10 000 hours and convert it into more systematic, computer driven models. Thats where Machine Learning will come handy, but there I still need to work on my 10 000 hours craft. There I am still at the beginning but with solid foundation already. I am humble, but confident, that the long game is worth it.

I have also found out so many concepts and systems that I have applied over the years that helped me improve, become better human being and keep grinding. Keep doing the hard things. I have figured out, that I am not good with writing that much, but I enjoy talking more. Therefore I have decided, that I will use this blog as platform to feed into my new channel on instagram, where I will try to talk more about all of the above and my journey going forward.

Looking forward to channeling my thoughts. Since I am here for the long game, there is no finish line.I will just keep going and hopefully you will find some value in my struggles and lessons.

See you around again.


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