thriving for singularity


Activating subconscious datacenter

We all are massively complex powerplants and datacenters. We are also very stubborn in getting the answers quickly. Not having the answers quickly brings out the daemons of self-doubt. The problem I see is that sometimes we force the answers too much too quickly yet there is most of the time much simpler approach. The moment I spot I am lost in a cycle trying to iterate the answer over and over without result, I ask myself the question for which I seek the answer, I write it down and go do something else. The best window for me is to wait at least one sleep cycle and come back to the question the very next day. Usually, the elegant answer is immediately presented without much effort. How come? I believe that your sub-consciousness workes like a big datacenter looking for clues outside of your narrow conscious context. Something, what seemed like impossible to connect while solving the problem consciously, is now at the sub-conscious level connecting dots without any forced effort. It’s almost like the answer without effort. Answer produced by your subconscious datacenter.

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