Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


First thoughts

Every morning we are born. Over and over again we have unique opportunity to start the day with the right mindset, right thoughts before we are bombarded by reactivity. The quality of our day depends on the objects of our consciousness (thoughts) and our perception of those objects. One of the pillars of wellbeing is the mind. Now let’s connect it all together. You can hack your mind and your quality of the day, by installing the rights objects (thoughts) into your consciousness the minute you wake up. How? Remind yourself you can create any reality you want. How do you want to feel in that reality? Take that emotion and just say it, visualise it, do a gesture whatever. Just do it. By changing the vibrations of your mind, you are changing how others would behave around you at the subconscious level. By doing it, you are tweaking your reality so it works for you, not against you. Do it everyday for a month. After a month, your reality will look different. I promise :), so go and change your first thoughts.


  1. Bu Ča

    November 27, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    I would propose an alternative solution to this. Instead of trying to change your thoughts and mood, you can just simply accept them and exist happily regardless of them. The idea behind this is that when you try to change your thoughts, you actually admit that something is wrong with them. But there is nothing wrong with them, there will always be negative thoughts and bad emotions. You just do not need to act according to them, only observe them and maybe ignore them. A.K.A. you are not your thoughts.
    Very easy to say, very hard to execute :).

    1. lechiffre

      December 2, 2019 at 12:13 pm

      This is so true. Accepting is definitely a better long term solution, but sometimes it just takes couple of prerequisites. This can be one of them but I agree the end game is accepting them and changing your attitude towards them.

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