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World will never be the same

In every crisis there is an opportunity. With COVID19, the crisis is now. And if you think it will go away anytime soon, I believe you are mistaken. The clock is ticking and there is not much time left until the whole world, will be in the biggest debt crisis humanity ever faced. I see it from the first hand, I am a trader and the measures governments and central banks around the world are doing are devestating not just for us but for generations to come. The herd mentality and strength of the state is brutally scary. The way people are assembled in lines, waiting like a piece of code ready to be deployed, obeying orders from the top is just astounding. I am not saying let’s not do that, it is just super scary how manipulated human race and masses became so quickly. There is a beautiful chinese prover: Three Men Make a Tiger. People will believe anything if enough people tell them it’s true. If one person tells you there’s a tiger roaming around your neighborhood, you can assume they’re lying. If two people tell you, you begin to wonder. If three say it’s true, you’re convinced there’s a tiger in your neighborhood and you panic. The world has paniced. But let’s no get away into doomsday scenario building and lets look at opportunities. We have rougly 6-12 months until it starts to get really bad. So unless we found cure (both medical and political), we have to adapt and prepare to what is going to come. I believe there are areas of opportunities:

  • Social society imbalances and confilicts such as poor vs rich, civil wars (tracking of conflicts, predictable AI)

  • Protection (medical, physical, survival framework)

  • Communication & distributed work (VR teleconferencing, collective work apps)

  • Seggragation (gaming)

  • Sustainable living (agriculture, inward country outsourcing, barter)

  • Control (movement, biological functions, people concentration)

These are just a handful of areas and each of the area consists of many opportunities one can now start working on right now and be ready when the shit hits the fan. It is also an opportunity for the people of this world to learn a lesson and build something great. Unfortunatelly we are poor students of the history to pay attention to the learnigns of the past. Lets sieze this opportunity and hope for the best. The world will never be the same again. Get ready.

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