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Microdosing of testosterone

My appologies to woman readers. This is targeted at man. For those man who are living in cities, our levels of testosterone continuously drop. It is my rationale which I have partially realized standing on a huge field in the countryside far outside of city feeling the vast amount of space around me. While standing there, that vast open space was whispering to me: “explore and conquer”. When I arrived to the city, I felt that everywhere I look there is a constrain. You have to go there and not there, you cant do this, you should think that. You wont even realize it and within moments you are boxed in and you are held by balls by constrains. That open field felt like I was alive and for a moment I felt like I am microdosing testosterone. That I was build to explore and conquer. So as long as I will be living in the city, I will be looking for opportunities to microdose my testosterone levels be it standing on a vast open field or holding strong cold metal bar while doing pullups. Being closer to the roots that has been formed over last millions of years unlike cities which are with us for couple thousands years it definitely wakes up something in me.

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