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time is not a judge

As I am getting for my meditation, my coffee is slowly getting cold. I am sitting down towards my lovely practice of silence and then my mind fires: “don’t get that coffee cold!”. With coffee just brewed I know I have plenty of time, but a stressor is introduced to my mindful moment. When I look closer at what that voice is really trying to tell me, I find out that TIME is playing a key role. Behind that instruction of not getting the coffee to be cold is something deeper. Something that tells me that somewhere in the past, my mind was programmed that I cannot spoil it, and waste it. Ruin the work that has been done. At this point, it is not as much about the coffee but about the attitude, I am creating towards the outcome. I am a bad boy that is not responsible enough. Time is just a counting judge. Although it sounds trivial, I try to dig deeper. I try to understand why TIME plays such an important role. Living in the modern industrial era, the time has been invented in a way we know it to organize the masses. To make the industrial world tick like clockwork so a production, transportation, and organization can be enabled at a mass scale. Little we know that three hundred years ago, there was no unified timetable. Time was always around but only in the last two hundred years, we have abused it to maximize production. So what does it have to do with my coffee getting cold? Over time, we have all created a relationship with time. We have programmed our mind and in many instances made triggers that shoot negative emotional patterns. I must meet that deadline, I must go to that shop before they close, that idea cant slip from my mind I must write it down, that writing is not coming as I wanted. Time is ticking. And the moment we don’t deliver, that pattern is triggered. Judge is released and a form of self-inflicting blame is bothering us. But time is not an enemy. Time is time. Internally when we leave our mind, there is no time. Time does not exist in the space of our hearts. Only presence. At that moment we can understand, that time was just culturally abused to maximize our production and it is us who made the time a modern slaver. Can we ignore it? Of course not! The world we are living in runs on time. Can we learn from it? Can we respect it? Totally! But we must stop being only slaves to the time. We should respect it, like a respectful human being that deserves our attention but nothing more. So what can we practically do to improve our relationship?
  1. we can be aware of what patterns of the past are associated with “time is ticking”
  2. thank those patterns of the past for serving us in the past
  3. let those patterns go by realizing they no longer serve us, literally seeing them leaving
  4. regularly create balance when we are not only living in the age of time, but also in the age of the heart. We must create a balance between the age of time and the age of presence. How? By being in silence, in calm, without any self remorse, not counting how much, when, how, what-if.
Realizing that time is not a judge, our mind of the past is.


  1. Buča

    December 23, 2020 at 8:57 am

    Reading this in a train worrying my coffee might get cold before I finish a ceasar wrap 🙂

    I think we subconsciously feel that we are running out of time all the time. The amount of time is limited for everyone. And every second we have less of it. Our silly brains do not like losing anything. They want to pile up, not lose of course ?‍♂️?

  2. Martin Pavelka

    January 5, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    Chronos tortured you… then it is time to learn about the Kairos.
    Have a great time anyway 🙂

  3. lechiffre

    January 17, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    So true indeed. Kairos brings a nice balance and a system we build for us should enable us to switch between Kairos and Chronos. But as Buca wrote, does that ultimately mean that with Kairos we would be able to stop “piling up”?

    Be awesome 😉

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