Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


what if every act of kindness …

… defines the next level that will be unlocked for you in this simulation called life? Every wrongdoing will generate new and more difficult obstacles along the way. Not immediately, but it will gradually regenerate the landscape around you. Some call it karma, faith, or destiny, but I feel these terms are very linear. Imagine that every act of kindness, courage, and sincerity regenerates the landscape around you, guiding all the people and events you encounter in the direction of exploring a rich life where you more and more engaged.

Conversely, every act of wrongdoing will slowly change the terrain so you become less and less engaged in this game of life.

So, at the end of your life, the two paths will be very different. This concept of an ever-changing landscape based on your actions might seem too woo-woo, but if we accept the premise that this is indeed a game, then like any decent open-world game, your choices and actions will determine your next move and the options available in that move. Too many bad moves, and your next move will become more and more limited. And, like in a game of Tetris, you would rather have many options to position your block than just a few.

Our next move is up to us.


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