Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


ego wants, ego envy, ego laughs

Recently I have been thinking about the topic of failure and its impact on finding the ultimate truth in life. While I was thinking about it an ego attacked. Ego made a move towards envy. Ego reminded me of an immediate comparison to other more “successful” people I know who have already for sure figured things out. For a moment I was dragged by that idea of envy and then a magical moment happened … I started to laugh. That laugh triggered a massive sense of release. Ever since we realize, that we are not our thoughts, we open a pandora box. Pandora box that opens up a journey of finding the ultimate truth, uncovering all the mud that has been imposed on us by our society and our upbringing. Unintentional and intentional “help” how to live our own life according to the standards of the past. That laugh also reminded me again and again, that my “conscious me” and my “ego me” are two separate things. It is part of me, like that old app on your phone that has not been updated for millions of years, still running those old programs that once saved me from tiger and hunger. Programs for which we should be both grateful because without them we would not be here but also programs for which we should feel compassion and acceptance because they are part of us. They are part of us, the ego is part of us but it is not us. It is very well separable and thoughts that the ego produces should not be taken personally. Ego only seeks security, doing what it was designed to do: survival and reproduction. Let’s accept it as a part of us, but let’s fully understand that ego is not us. Let’s thank it that it got us over millions of years of survival here and let’s remember, that we can take it from here with the conscious me. It is time for the driver seat to be occupied by our conscious me and put the ego me in the back seat. Without hate, without bully but with acceptance and compassion, let’s see where the conscious me can drive us. Exciting times ahead!

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