TRADE, NZDUSD, 28.10.2016


TRADE SUMMARY: NZDUSD coming into a very STRONG FTB resistance zone. Pushing higher, AUDUSD creating a STOP FLUSH (fuckery) affecting NZDUSD. NZD being hit not that hard is holding and then dropping. Market and my expectactions were then false. I was targeting lower part of the triangle but hey, am I really capable of holding a pair for more then two weeks? Hard question. I guess my targets were eagerly optimistic. After 66 pips I am exiting on limit out back on retrace. Market is then creating a new low. Not hiting my original TP though, but I would consider that this trade was well managed, but with poor expectations.


  • FTB


  • Great area to play
  • Good hold once entered
  • Exit on limit, not at market


  • Wrong expectations from a target in terms of time and velocity

To Improve:

  • When entering a trade, you must take into consideration time as well. Time to target or take lower R but with higher probability of hitting it.






H1 analysis:

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