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TRADE, NZDUSD, 1.3.2017

TRADE SUMMARY: market pushed higher, I was expecting the retrace to play the takeout of the stops. This trade was quick and I knew I was immediately wrong. I got out on the rebound. 

TRADE, AUDUSD, 1.2.2017

TRADE SUMMARY: Big disappointment of the month were AUDUSD where I was targeting +3R. Unfortunatelly, a month long position was closed just for 0.3R. I am happy for 0.3R at least, because if I would be stubborn, it would eventually hit my sl. So what happened? Market broke nicely out of 7600. It held 7600 and moved forward. At this stage I was expecting market to be quicker. But I was patience. New higher lows were created, no rush. New higher highs were created. I got first worried when the 7650 got broken a bit. New high was not created and 77 held as a resistance to buyers. That was a first moment of doubts. When 7600 was attacked, I knew I had to get out. I have waited for the bounce and got out. Very small profit, good trade.

TRADE, USDCAD, 7.3.2017

TRADE SUMMARY: This trade was a great example of me not getting married with the position. My initial hypo for this trade was biased SHORT. Long run of USDCAD hit a decent area (marked purple on D1) and paused. On Monday open I have entered a limit short trade. This trade moved nowhere and started creating higher lows. I have decided it to call it a position at -0.4R and closed the trade. Since the market was creating new higher lows, my stats are telling me, that in the last year I have either been personally in a couple of these trades, or I have noticed many of these trades. It is that moment, when after run, market starts to create higher lows and wants to push higher. I have flipped the position and got long. Within 24hours my target was hit.

TRADE, AUDJPY, 19.1.2017

TRADE SUMMARY: I have been waiting for this trade since 16.12.2016. D1 came into a ZONE OF LOVE (87 – 86). Zone which formed flips many times in the past and was strongly rejected. Since we know what happens with zones that has been tested many times before (they got violated), I knew that this should be rather MOVE2MOVE type of play. It was not obvious straight away but I have realized that pretty quickly. I have entered on LIMIT while on my Thailand vacation. I was able to watch the position only from my mobile. Market made it super easy for me this time. No headache. Just straight line towards the target with just one short stop.

December trading, 25.12.2016

Summary: I have been quiet for the last month simply because the opportunities for my strategy shrunk as we approached Christmas holiday season. The only trade I was chasing was a USDCAD trade out of which 1 out of 2 positions is still open. The first position ended up as a loss, see red arrow down below. A loss of -1R. Second position was at decent spot of confluence and I am keep holding it, currently being at +3.6R (approx 400pips). It is important to mark that it is unrealized gain 😃 and as with every trade, as long as the trade is Open, the profit is just vapor air, a star dust, nothing. Hopefully I will be able to get that star dust and transfer it into real R profit. My target is still now at 1.36 that would get me to almost 500pips. Lets see if I will be able to get there. On the other hand, anything below 3250 would get me into a “getoutmode”. Lets see how this plays out.

TRADE, USDJPY, 18.11.2016

TRADE SUMMARY: market reached a nice flip zone with supply at the highs. Being overextended, it was a good place to short. Unfortunatelly, the bulls were strong enough to push higher. The range suggested it at one point and at second that I should exit. Too slow to adapt.

TRADE, EURGBP, 25.11.2016

TRADE SUMMARY: pair coming into a confluence play of 2x DEMAND ZONE AND FLIP ZONE. Good area to play in, market though proved rangeboud afterwards. But should have hold longer since there was no supporting PA for me to exit except for unifisnihed Friday auction and no burst after my entry.

TRADE, GBPUSD, 15.11.2016

TRADE SUMMARY:market broke 2337 and went higher, which was a critical flip for GBPUSD. After the break, the retest confirmed this level as a flip to hold. Demand was set. When market returned, I got in through the demand hit play on H1. Market then hold the level strongly resisting the strength of USDX. After two days, the pressure broke below 2408, which was my awarness zone, meaning: be careful, if market closes here, market wants to hunt lower prices. Since the break was strong, I have setup an exit TP at the BE on the return being able to exit with a scratch smaller then 0,1R. I was lucky. Market retraced to my TP, and then shit itself. I would end up in full -1R loss. This time I was able to manage my exit out and end up with BE result. Good trade.