December trading, 25.12.2016


Summary: I have been quiet for the last month simply because the opportunities for my strategy shrunk as we approached Christmas holiday season. The only trade I was chasing was a USDCAD trade out of which 1 out of 2 positions is still open. The first position ended up as a loss, see red arrow down below. A loss of -1R. Second position was at decent spot of confluence and I am keep holding it, currently being at +3.6R (approx 400pips). It is important to mark that it is unrealized gain 😃 and as with every trade, as long as the trade is Open, the profit is just vapor air, a star dust, nothing. Hopefully I will be able to get that star dust and transfer it into real R profit. My target is still now at 1.36 that would get me to almost 500pips. Lets see if I will be able to get there. On the other hand, anything below 3250 would get me into a “getoutmode”. Lets see how this plays out.

H1 entries

  • First entry: -1R
  • Second entry: unrealized gain (atm at 3.6R)

D1 entries

Second entry still in play. This is a look at D1.

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