TRADE, AUDUSD, 1.2.2017


TRADE SUMMARY: Big disappointment of the month were AUDUSD where I was targeting +3R. Unfortunatelly, a month long position was closed just for 0.3R. I am happy for 0.3R at least, because if I would be stubborn, it would eventually hit my sl. So what happened? Market broke nicely out of 7600. It held 7600 and moved forward. At this stage I was expecting market to be quicker. But I was patience. New higher lows were created, no rush. New higher highs were created. I got first worried when the 7650 got broken a bit. New high was not created and 77 held as a resistance to buyers. That was a first moment of doubts. When 7600 was attacked, I knew I had to get out. I have waited for the bounce and got out. Very small profit, good trade.


  • RAR


  • Held patiently
  • Exit on bounce
  • Long term trade, well done


  • Nothing

To Improve:

  • Look for signals such as MS break, holding of round numbers 
  • Dont change anything 🙂





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