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Lost scarf as a reminder of impermanence

Every time we lose something, it feels like something dies within us. Those who are more sensitive can literally feel the energy of that feeling resonating throughout the body. Just recently I have lost scarf in the taxi going to the airport. I have realised it in the plane. Too late :(. I felt sadness, I felt my attachment to this object. I liked the design, I have remembered emotions I have felt when I bought the scarf, with whom and where, for how much. I know that feeling of sadness will not last very long. On one hand it is sad, I have lost object I have liked, on the other hand it gives me unique opportunity about the impermanence of the things. How often (or not often) we pause and remind ourself that everything we have can be taken from us with a snap of a finger. While I am typing this, I am still feeling little bit of sadness about it, I also feel much bigger presence. I feel the sense of gratitude, that I can sit on the plane, in the foreign country, after a nice breakfast, typing this memento on latest human technological advancement, laptop computer hoping that I will be able to pause and think about the impermanence of things more often, then when I actually lose something. Such as my favourite scarf.

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