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midwit workaround

If you are familiar with the midwit meme, this might come handy. Here is a brief intro into midtwit bellcurve:

“those who possess the just-below-average-just above average intelligence and trouble to occasionally read newspapers, watch youtube, read twitter and magazines tend to genuinely be under the erroneous impression that they possess superlative intelligence.

This is in my opinion due to the lack of deep work on any given subject. Knowledge consumtion does not equal deeper understanding. It is the ego that is constantly trying to put our thinking into superior position over others, hence the midtwit result.

So what is a midtwit workaround? Sleep on it. Don’t make judgement  or decision straight away. Simply postpone. You don’t have to have opinion straight away about any new subject. Stay away from a midtwit trap by this little conscious hack.

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