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Recently a dear friend of mine asked me to pick a card from the Kabbalah card deck. A deck of 72 cards, where each card brings a meditation that should shine some light on your current modus operandi. As I am always trying to decipher the internal, I know what was on my mind lately when I was choosing this card: “obsession with being everything, 100% not even a percent less“. This has been a long time loop of mine, ever since I was a child. Without diving deeper into the loop itself, this was the card handed to me …

Speaking The Right Words

Now, before we flip the card to its meditation part, I am constantly surprised how sometimes little words can have a huge impact. I will never forget a day when I read in a Solve For Happy quote “You are not your thoughts” and how strongly that resonated with me, and how it redefined my internal world. Or when David Goggins mentioned in an interview with Joe Rogan, “Man I don’t take holidays, when I eat, that is my mini holiday.“. I believed that radical change requires radical exposure, but sometimes the change can happen with one sentence for which you are finally ready.

So back to the card, dealing with “wanting to be everything, not even a percent less“, this is what came up …

Yud Yud Zayin

The card says:

“I silence my ego. Push the mute button. Now I call upon the Light to speak on my behalf, on all occasions, so that my every word elavate my sould and all existance.”

It is the phrase, “Push the mute button, now I call upon the Light to speak on my behalf,” that strikes a chord. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but when I close my eyes, I envision those old cassette players from the ’90s.

90’s cassette player

Hitting that mute button resonates so powerfully that I can almost feel my ego quieting down on the spot. What remains then? Letting the light speak. So, if you could hit your own ego’s mute button, what would the light tell you?


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