Beating Alpha

iterating towards truth


is this the most important life principle

If this life formula is true…

You are the sum of your = decisions + externalities + luck.

Then the most important principle is…

How you make your decisions.

Because we don’t have any control over external factors such as the family we are born into or the genetic pool we inherit, and we can’t control our luck either.

This means that what is left are our decisions.

We make the best decisions when we have clear and thoughtful thinking.

At every step, our clarity of thinking is impacted by our internal emotional state.

If emotions define how we live our life, shouldn’t we spend more time understanding them? Give them names, understand when they emerge, how long they stay, and when and how they subside. If they are our partners in crime, we should learn how to dance with them.

If this formula holds true, our emotions lead to clear thinking, and clear thinking leads to better decisions, the only variable that we can impact to improve the quality of our life.

Say hello to your emotions next time they emerge. Don’t dwell on why and start building relationship.


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